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Los Angeles Wedding Photography | New York Wedding Photography

Remember how you both laughed with exhilaration during the first look, how you danced harder than anyone at the reception, and how it felt to hold one another for the first time as a married couple? These are the moments I want to preserve for you, forever.

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Los Angeles Personal Branding Photography | New York Personal Branding Photography

Find the freedom to be your truest self during your easygoing photoshoot. I’ll offer gentle direction to showcase your best angles, create artfully framed shots that aren’t like everyone else’s, and choose surroundings that reflect your brand story.

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Los Angeles Family Photography | New York Family Photography

When you look back on the most joyful moments with your family, you won’t think of that time at a photo studio. No, you’ll think of how cute your kid looked in his favorite overalls, how you taught him how to garden in the backyard, and how his hair would bounce when he laughed. It’s these moments that I capture—in wall-art-worthy images.

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Los Angeles Wedding Photographer

Hi there, I’m Heidi Garcia.

Los Angeles Wedding Photographer | New York City Wedding Photographer | Los Angeles Personal Branding Photographer | New York Personal Branding Photographer | Los Angeles Family Photographer | New York Family Photographer

The first time I found myself in front of the camera I felt nervous and didn’t know what to do. Not surprisingly, in some of the photos, I looked stiff and pretending, instead of my usual down-to-earth self. 

If you’re anything like me, you know that it’s not so easy to relax in front of a camera. But feeling comfortable and confident is so important to getting lovely, natural-looking photos … where you look like you and not like a tense, cookie-cutter version of you

That’s why I believe that a photographer’s work is not only inside the lens. My work begins with getting to know you beyond a surface-level relationship, so that I can help you lean into your personality on camera. 

I use a combination of documentary-style photography and lifestyle photography, which means I’ll capture your real, in-the-moment emotion, but I’ll also subtly direct you so that you look amazing in your photos.

I LOVED working with Heidi!

She was so friendly and made you feel comfortable right away, and actually cares about getting you good pictures. I’m usually super picky about photos and it’s rare that I like pictures that other people take of me, but I actually loved the photos that Heidi took of me! She’s not only a great photographer, but she’s a really sweet person and I highly recommend anyone to get their photos taken by her!

Anais Lucia

Heidi is very good at what she does.

Prior to meeting for our photography session, we shared and collected ideas for days to make the most of our time and to capture what I wanted. Heidi is open minded and works together with you. While shooting my pregnancy pictures, her attention to detail was impressive. Heidi noticed all our surroundings and adjusted accordingly to make sure the picture is the best it can be. My partner and I were very satisfied with Heidi’s work, the pictures were beautiful, colorful and lively. My partner and I’s favorite picture is one that we were not even posing for, we were just being us and Heidi was able to capture that special moment. I do highly recommend Heidi as she is professional, friendly and is sure to capture your special moments.

Jenn Carr

Heidi has done 2 shoots for me now: an outdoor portrait & action shoot, and also an interiors shoot.

She is great! Very good attitude: enthusiastic, energetic, tireless—does what it takes to get the right shots and beyond! Also very professional in the sense that she asks questions to learn about the subject matter and make you feel at ease. The second stage of editing photos was also smooth sailing. She is helpful and makes her time available, photos are already good quality anyway. I found her a kind, sensitive, intelligent and intuitive person—not just easy to work with, but it was surprisingly a pleasure.

Lida Geh

This was the best photo session I’ve ever been a part of.

Heidi is an amazing photographer and an even better person. She has a way of making you feel comfortable in front of the camera. The whole experience was genuine and sincere. The pictures came out beautifully and I have already recommended her to people I know. I am very thankful and happy that I had the opportunity to work with her.

Chuck W.

Los Angeles & New York are colorful backdrops for genuine-feeling photos

My two home-base cities are perfect places to create unique photos of my clients. Los Angeles in particular offers an incredible variety of landscapes and moods to shoot against—like the flat-sand beaches of Santa Monica, the cliffside oceans of Malibu, the cacti-lined hiking trails of Eaton Canyon Falls, the retro backdrops of Hollywood, and the restored Art Deco buildings in Downtown LA. Every neighborhood feels like a different world, from the edgy warehouse lofts in the DTLA Arts District to the high-tech, airy feel of Culver City and Venice

That’s why Los Angeles is ideal for capturing the different vibrant sides of my clients. Whether I’m shooting Los Angeles wedding photography at the Descanso Gardens or Los Angeles personal branding photography at the whimsical Santa Monica pier, I love to incorporate the energy of the city into every shot.

You’re so much more than a crossed-arms, tight smile, rehearsed head-tilt pose.

Let’s bring out the real you on camera

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