Brick is a unique venue in Historic Liberty Station, San Diego, California. The Historic Liberty station use to be a Naval training Center, making it a unique piece of history. Brick was also known as Building 32. Building 32 use to be a machine shop. Over the years, Liberty Station has changed and developed. Brick is now a unique space for wedding and special events. Some of the features of Brick include red brick walls, wonderful natural light and high ceilings. Your Brick wedding photography will turn out wonderful here. And being that I have worked as a Brick wedding photographer, I can honestly recommend this unique space for your special day.

When I arrived to Brick, I first noticed the brick walls and open space. I’ve always loved brick and so I liked that this was a feature. The features make it perfect for photography. I also liked the setting outside the venue. The NTC Park and the San Diego bay of water is right there, so it’s the perfect environment for creative photography.  

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Below are fun examples of Brick wedding photography: