As a surprise engagement photographer, I often recommend outdoor engagement photos. Some places for photos include a local park, landmarks, beaches, hiking trails, city, etc. Picking a unique location makes for great proposal photos. Sometimes couples choose a location that has some meaning. I’ve met couples that wanted their creative engagement photos in the same place as where they had their first date. Also, I recommend picking a location that provides a beautiful backdrop for your surprise engagement photography. Interested in booking your photography? Let’s work together to get the best photos for you and your partner! Get in touch here.

Below are photos from a Santa Monica Pier surprise proposal. When W contacted me to photograph their creative engagement photos, I was super excited. W & C have a very unique love story. It turns out they met as babies in the hospital. Many years later they would meet again and fall in love. W chose outdoor engagement photos for his surprise photoshoot. He had just moved to Los Angeles and Santa Monica was the perfect place for them. After their creative proposal photos, we met at their family home for a surprise party. W invited their friends and family to be there. W & C have really good engagement photography because W made a genuine effort into planning his proposal.

When planning your surprise engagement photography, I recommend taking some time to think about what’s important to you. How do you want your photos to look? Who do you want present? What would your partner want? Do you want outdoor engagement photos? Taking time to plan your surprise proposal will result in amazing photos.

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