Glorietta Bay Inn is a boutique hotel overlooking Glorietta Bay on Coronado Island. Some of its features include modern contemporary design elements, warmly decorated rooms, mansion rooms, bay views, unique lounge, and more. Your Glorietta Bay Inn wedding photography will turn out lovely here. Having worked as a Glorietta Bay Inn wedding photographer, I can honestly say it’s a stunning hotel.

The Coronado Community Center is a recreation center in Coronado, California. The features include a pool, rock wall, fitness area, a large room for special occasions. What’s nice about having Coronado Community Center Wedding photography is the gorgeous setting. Right outside the center lies the Glorietta Bay and Pacific Ocean. Including the landscape for your Coronado Center Wedding Photography is such a good idea. Having worked as a Coronado Center wedding photographer, I can honestly say I was in awe of the views.

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Below are examples of Glorietta Bay Inn wedding photography and Coronado Community Wedding photography: