C & P invited me to document their wedding at Snug Harbor in Staten Island. I’ve been there before, so I knew this is one of the most beautiful NYC wedding venues. As a New York City wedding photographer, I make sure to capture all the important moments. I also like to capture some of the in between moments, that quite frankly, some photographers overlook. When planning your marriage ceremony in NYC, think about what’s important for you. Who would you like to be there? Do you want to invite everyone or keep it intimate with just your closest friends/family? Do you want to hire a professional for your New York wedding photography? Do you want to include traditions during your special day? One thing that I love about P&C’s wedding is that they included traditions from both of their cultures. They included the lasso which is a part of Hispanic traditions where a lasso (rope or rosary) is placed around the couple. They also did the breaking of the glass, which is Jewish tradition. There are many special meanings behind these moments. Below are examples of New York City Wedding Photography. If you’re thinking about getting married in NYC and looking for a New York wedding photographer, get in touch HERE: NYC wedding Photography

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