Wedding Photography  

How to find your perfect wedding photographer? Finding the perfect wedding photography is a daunting task. It takes some time and quite a bit of research. I recommend taking your time and enjoying the process of finding the perfect wedding photographer. And, searching for the perfect wedding photographer can be like looking for a needle in a haystack. However, after you read this article, I hope it will help with shedding some light on how to find the perfect wedding photography.

Here are some suggestions in no particular order:

1. Go on Google and do Research.

Wedding Photographers on top have done their research and created beautiful websites that showcase their best work. Most have been in business for years and are well established.  Visit multiple websites and see what style you like.

2. Visit Bridal Shows in Your Area.

Bridal shows are a great way to meet potential wedding photographers and other vendors. If you’re someone who values in person meets, I recommend this option. You can make this into a fun day with you and your friends or you can bring your significant other with you.

3. Ask Friends & Family.

Asking someone you trust can be a safe option. I’d recommend seeing their gallery before you make a decision. If you love their gallery, then set up a phone call or meeting with the wedding photographer. I would say to use your best judgement here and ask multiple friends and family. The reason being is that not everyone can tell what makes a good photo. Also, what your friend and family like may differ from what you like.

4. Bridal Websites

There are plenty of online wedding sites such as The Knot, Wedding Wire, June Bug Wedding

5. Your Intuition

After you’ve done some research and narrowed down your top wedding photographers, I’d recommend setting up phone calls or meetings. How was the meeting and communication? Did you get along? Do they seem fun and easy to work with? Do you love their work? Did they seem invested in you and your love story? Was there a connection?

6. Budget

Let’s face it when it comes to planning a wedding, it can be challenging to stay within budget and costs can accumulate fast. If you find a wedding photographer that you love and they are within budget, I’d recommend booking them for your wedding photography.

My advice when it comes to wedding photography is not base your decision on budget. Wedding Photography and videography is one of the most important decisions you will make, so splurging on an awesome photog is a wise investment. If budget is a concern, ask if they have a payment plan and can accept payments installments.

7. Wedding Photography Style

Do you like their style? Wedding Photographers have different styles ranging in color, mood, style of shooting.
Here are some categories:

True to Life Colors (My style of wedding photography)

I love to create works of arts that are true to life. My approach to photography is to document in a way that is creative and artistic. I love colors to appear as they do in real life. It’s a preference of mine.

Dark & Moody – These are generally darker and warmer in color.

Light and Airy – These are lighter in color and over exposed.

Photojournalism – Photography that includes a lot of intimate moments.

Traditional – These are your straight forward photos of everyone looking at the camera and smiling.

My style of wedding photography includes true to life colors. Throughout a wedding, I will do a combination of documentary, modern, traditional, and creative photography.

8. Communication

Communication is key. This is one of the most important aspects of your wedding day. If you have specific wedding photography goals, please let your wedding photographer know. Sharing photography goals will help your wedding photographer.

For example, if you’re someone who wants creative portraits of you and your significant other and that is a priority, communicate that with your wedding photographer.

Personally, photographing creative portraits of couples during their wedding is one of my favorite moments to document. I always recommend setting some time during the wedding day, to take pictures of the couple alone. Having no distractions and time alone with the couple is where a lot of the magic happens.

Here are some examples of my wedding photography creative portraits:

Wedding Photography

I hope you found this article helpful. Happy Wedding Planning!

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