What to Wear for Boudoir Photos · Mens Boudoir Photography

You may be considering doing a male boudoir photoshoot but have no idea of what to wear for boudoir photos. When preparing your boudoir clothing, remember that variety is key. I also recommend bringing 4-8 different looks. Preparation and staying true to yourself will make for a successful photoshoot. If possible, plan out your boudoir attire weeks in advance. Below is a boudoir outfit guide and boudoir clothing ideas:

Boudoir Clothing: Underwear Sets

For male boudoir, I recommend bringing multiple underwear sets. Make sure to bring different colors and styles so that there is variety in your photos. If possible, try to bring neutral colored underwear with no logos (small logo is okay). Click here for examples of boudoir attire involving men’s underwear.

Boudoir Outfit Guide: Buttoned Up Shirt

All my male clients bring multiple buttoned up shirts. Make sure to include different colors and styles. One of the poses involve unbuttoning your shirt.

Boudoir Outfit: Implied or Partial Nude

Implied or partial nudity is a common theme in boudoir photos. My photography includes a classy and natural approach to male nudes. Think fine art vs erotic for this look. Nudity is completely optional. Prior to our photoshoot, we will discuss your comfort level and photography goals. A lot of my clients are celebrating their fitness journey or want to give a fun, sexy gift to their partners, so they want to include nude photos.

Boudoir Outfit: Bedsheet Look

This is one of my favorite looks. I do these in most of my boudoir photoshoots. We have bed sheets, so you won’t have to bring one in for your photoshoot.

Boudoir Attire Looks: Robes, Jeans, Suits & Undershirt

When planning for your photoshoot, make sure to bring a variety of different outfits. Try on all your outfits beforehand and make sure it fits properly. Also, some outfits don’t photograph that well, so it’s a good idea to bring a lot of options. Check out the photos below for inspiration:

What to Wear for Boudoir Photos: Stay True to Yourself

This is a male boudoir outfit guide that is meant to be a source of inspiration. Choose outfits that you love and reflect your personal preference and style. I can help you come up with boudoir clothing ideas.

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