Boudoir Photography · Is Boudoir for You?

Is boudoir for you? You may be thinking about getting boudoir pictures done but you’re undecided. Maybe you’re nervous or you’re not convinced that boudoir is for you. Personally, I believe that intimate boudoir is for everyone. Read below to find out if it’s time to book your Los Angeles intimate photo shoot.

Boudoir Portraits · You’re Intrigued

Something about boudoir piques your interest. You find it intriguing and curious. You’re drawn to these photos for some reason. But you’re not sure why. This curiosity is a good reason to do a photoshoot. You’re clearly interested in boudoir, so why not try it!

Boudoir Photos · It’s About Time

You’ve been considering hiring an intimate photographer for years. But you kept putting it off for whatever reason. Now is the time to do it. There isn’t the perfect time to do a shoot. When it comes to boudoir photography, preparation is key. Also, a lot of people think they need to lose weight to do a photoshoot. That is far from true. Boudoir is about embracing yourself as you are present day. All body types are beautiful and ought to be documented. Intimate boudoir photographers are experts in posing and lighting. We know how to make you look fabulous. It’s what we’re trained to do!

Boudoir Photography · Switching Up The Routine

You’re caught in the day-to-day activities, and you haven’t switched things up in a while. Intimate boudoir photography is a good way to get out of your routine and have some fun. Some clients take a day off work to have a photoshoot. We all deserve breaks from work and our everyday life, so why not schedule a boudoir photoshoot.

Boudoir Portraits · Spicing Things Up

You’re in a wonderful relationship and want to spice things up a bit. You can share your boudoir photos with your partner. Boudoir pictures can be a unique gift for your lover.

Boudoir Pictures · Just Because

Treat yourself to a fun boudoir photoshoot just because. Let your hair down and enjoy life a little bit. You do not need a reason to treat yourself to boudoir photos.

Intimate Photographer · Getting Outside of Your Comfort Zone

You’re someone who thrives on getting outside your comfort zone. You enjoy doing things that make you nervous and trying new things. It’s not every day you get hair and make-up and do a photoshoot. If it pushes you outside your comfort zone, you may end up learning something about yourself.

Intimate Photo Shoot · Splurge for Fun

You work hard and have disposable income. Why not splurge and get amazing photos of yourself? You won’t regret the time you booked your intimate photo shoot. You can look back at these amazing photos and remembered when you decided to have some fun.

Intimate Boudoir · Preserving Your Beauty/Age

This is one of my favorites. As a boudoir photographer, one of my goals is to create beautiful images that you can look back on and appreciate. We are forever aging, so it’s wonderful to have photos from our earlier years.

Boudoir Photoshoot · Bring Out Your Sexy

It’s not every day you get hair and makeup done by a professional stylist. And it’s not every day that you’re being photographed by an artist in your underwear. Intimate boudoir sessions bring out your sexy side. And you’ll be blown away by your own beauty. Chances are you have never seen yourself quite like the way you will see yourself in your boudoir pictures.

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