My approach to boudoir wedding photography is to capture you in a classy way. In all of my boudoir photography, it’s super important for my photos to be tasteful and natural. Throughout the wedding boudoir photography experience, I will guide you throughout all the poses. I may tell you exactly how to move or I may show you by getting into a pose. I will invite you to explore a different side of yourself. As a wedding boudoir photographer, I know how nervous this may feel to have someone photograph you in such an intimate way. I promise you that I will make you feel comfortable the entire time. Not only will you have sexy bridal photos, but you may find that you feel empowered and amazing after your boudoir wedding photography experience. Each collection comes with a set of color photos, black and white photos and an heirloom album. Are you looking for a bridal boudoir photographer? If so, get in touch here.

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