The Los Angeles Athletic Club Hotel is a boutique hotel located in Downtown Los Angeles. It’s truly a unique experience staying at this private club. Some of the features include a spa, cotton sheets, an award winning bar, athletic facilities, fine dining experience and more. The clubs purpose is to establish a positive experience that focus on health and wellbeing. The design and overall feel makes it the perfect place for your Los Angeles Athletic Club Wedding. Having worked as an Los Angeles Athletic Club wedding photographer, I can honestly say the hotel’s setting is amazing for wedding photography.

When I entered the Los Angeles Athletic club, I noticed the unique interior and the sports memorabilia. The hotel had an exclusive, yet welcoming feel to it. I was excited to be an Los Angeles Athletic wedding photographer for the day. We were here for the preparations (groom & bridal prep).  And so I was excited to do creative Los Angeles Athletic wedding photography. After, we headed to the Carondelet House for photos of the ceremony and reception.

The Carondelet House is a unique Los Angeles wedding venue located in Downtown Los Angeles. This Italian Villa was constructed in 1928. The features include exposed brick, warm hardwood floors, wide rooms, two exterior courtyards, a gorgeous fireplace and more. Your Carondelet House wedding photography will have a warm and romantic vibe. Having had the opportunity to be a Carondelet House wedding photographer, I can genuinely recommend this location.

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Below are examples of Los Angeles Athletic Club wedding photography and Carondelet House wedding photography: