The couple decided to get ready in their family home in separate rooms and then have a first look afterward. As a Burbank wedding photographer, I enjoy documenting first looks. Usually, the first look is a good Segway into couple’s photography. After their first look, we went to the church for their Burbank wedding ceremony. The next part of their Los Angeles County Wedding involved getting to the reception. They decided to have a Forme LA wedding. Forme LA is a unique event & studio space in Burbank, CA. The space has Mid-Century, modern design elements. The venue features an open space that can accommodate up to 300 people. Want to learn more about our Burbank wedding photography? Planning a Forme wedding or Los Angeles County Marriage? Get in touch here for more details and to schedule your call.

During their ceremony, the couple took turns washing their feet, which was a unique moment that doesn’t happen often in Catholic weddings. The feet-washing ceremony is a Christian tradition that expresses love and humility. It’s a reflection of when Jesus washed his disciple’s feet.