Los Angeles Wedding Photographer Advice

So you’re newly engaged and now have to go down a rabbit hole of research. It’s easy to get lost on the internet and feel overwhelmed. Well I’m here to tell you that everything you’re feeling is completely normal and that this is all part of the process in planning your wedding.

Here are some tips for you in no particular order:

  1. Breath! Take the time you need to do things for you. Wedding planning can be stressful and it’s perfectly fine to take breaks. Self care!
  2. Make a list of what’s important to you. What do you envision for your wedding day? What do you want it to look like and feel like?
  3. Research, ask around and schedule calls with potential vendors.
  4. Get organized. Use checklists, excel sheets, google docs to gather all your thoughts, budgets, notes, in one place.
  5. Prioritize wedding photography and videography. And yes, I know coming from a Los Angeles Wedding Photographer, this can seem a little bias. But your wedding day is going to come and go and overtime what you will have are the memories. And memories fade over time, so you’re going to want to have beautiful documentation.

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Hope you enjoyed some of these tips! Happy wedding planning! Remember to have fun and enjoy the process.