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Los Angeles & New York City Photographer | Heidi Garcia

I’m Heidi Garcia, the artist behind the camera. 

I got my start as a New York photographer.

I discovered photography during a summer class in New York City between college semesters. And ever since, I’ve been fascinated by photography’s ability to capture people exactly as they are.

That first class was Black & White Film Photography. Kind of ironically, I’ve since fallen in love with color—the careful process of making sure the colors that show up in photos are as close as possible to how they look in real life.

And I especially love the challenge of capturing genuine moments…. The raw love that flickers across a groom’s face. The pride that shows up in an entrepreneur’s smile. The giggling of a toddler as she waddles toward her mom…. With my camera, I get to preserve it all.

Though I work primarily as a Los Angeles and New York photographer, I accept assignments all over the US and abroad.

If I’m not on a job, I like to experiment with different art forms and collaborate with other photographers and artists. Lately, I’ve been exploring self portrait photography.

Destination Wedding Photographer

 Here are some random facts about me:

  • I’m a true animal lover. Growing up, we had 4 frogs, 20+ guinea pigs, 2 iguanas, and 1 hermit crab.
  • I love fur friends so much that I occasionally work as a sitter for fun!
  • I’ve always been a creative type.
  • I use to draw a lot as a kid. I was pretty good at drawing cartoons.
  • In college, I volunteered at an art museum during sketch night and as a dark room monitor at the university.
  • I consider myself an ambivert.
  • I love coffee and may drink one too many cups a day!
  • I use to be a fifth grade teacher.
  • One of my goals is to document weddings in all the 50 states. Find out more info here.
  • Photography is something I genuinely love to do.
  • I love traveling and learning about different cultures.

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