It turns out men also need a confidence boost which is why I started to offer boudoir for guys. One of my clients shared his story about how he felt prior to his male boudoir shoot. Below he described how he struggled with positive self-image. One thing I’ve learned about intimate portraits, is that it often helps people feel good about themselves. Prior to the session, a lot of people feel shy and insecure. Then after they see their male boudoir pics, there’s an immediate change and new sense of self. That’s why I recommend everyone try it. Learn more about our male boudoir pictures HERE.

Male Boudoir Photo Shoot · Read Mr. M’s Story below:

*What made you want to do a boudoir shoot?

I’ve always felt unattractive most of my life. During the pandemic I did a lot of soul searching, asking myself why. Long story short, I gained more confidence in myself, and I saw the opportunity to push that confidence for me personally and in my modeling career.

*What was your biggest fear about doing a boudoir photo session?

Showing my body in a provocative position, especially being a male. I didn’t want to suddenly get aroused and be embarrassed. Thankfully I felt more comfortable than nervous and worked up to undressing

male boudoir pictures

*What was the most fun about it?

The freedom I felt along with the creativity

*How did you feel before and after the boudoir photoshoot?

Before I felt willing but nervous and inexperienced. After, I felt confident and want to continue to do male boudoir.

*Would you recommend Heidi Garcia Photography for boudoir photography?


*Did you learn something about yourself from experiencing this kind of photoshoot?

My complimenting angles, I’m not ugly, and I’m confident in myself

*Is there anything you’d like to share?

If you are unsure about yourself or need a self-esteem boost, I’d suggest working with Heidi. Not only will she have you feel comfortable in a professional environment, but at the end you will have a confidence boost within yourself.