Sikh weddings are celebrated by the people of the state of Punjab in India. Sikh wedding traditions are truly special. I always enjoy having the opportunity to learn and document different cultures and traditions. As a documentary wedding photographer, I’ve photographed all kinds of special occasions. The example here is a Sikh wedding ceremony. For this wedding, the ceremony took place at the Nanak Sadan Sikh Temple in North Hills, California. If you’re looking for a photographer for your Sikh wedding ceremony, feel free to get in touch.

The reception took place at Stars On Brand. Stars On Brand is a venue located in Glendale, California. Some of the features include customizable spaces, dramatic and luxurious interior, a large stage, and a sparkling chandelier. Your Stars On Brand wedding photography will look luxurious at the unique venue. I enjoyed being a Stars On Brand wedding photographer for this sweet couples wedding.

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Below are some examples of creative photos of the wedding traditions:

Below are some examples of creative photos of Stars on Brand wedding photos: