A sweet sixteen is a coming of age party for teenagers. This wonderful time is a good opportunity to book a sweet 16 photoshoot. If you’re throwing a sweet 16 birthday party, the photoshoot can take place on the same day. As an event and sweet 16 photographer, I usually recommend doing one-on-one sweet 16 photos before the party begins and all the guests arrive or to schedule a photoshoot on a different day. Sometimes there’s not enough time before the party, so the photos can be taken during the party. This can be a little challenging because teenagers may want to hang out with their friends instead of taking photos. Another option is to schedule a sweet 16 photography session on a different day so there’s more time and variety. Need advice for planning a sweet 16? Click here. Below are examples of sweet 16 birthday images. If you’re looking to book sweet 16 pictures, get in touch here: Los Angeles Event Photographer.

Creative Sweet 16 photos