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Wedding Photographer USA

As a wedding photographer in USA, I’ve had the pleasure of photographing on the west and east coast. My goal is to photograph weddings in all the 50 states. Whether your wedding is in California, New York City or anywhere else in the USA, I’d be happy to travel and document this momentous occasion. Wedding Photography in USA is truly special. It’s an honor to get to travel and document love stories. Get in touch today for your USA Wedding Photography! If you’re looking for one of a kind United States wedding photography, you’ve come to the right place.

Best Wedding Photographers in USA

Having me around as a United States wedding photographer is simple, easy and fun. I’m not only professional and reliable, but I have an easy going and sweet personality. I photograph continuously and always give it my all. Producing high quality photography, making couples feel happy and comfortable are some of my goals while doing United States Wedding Photography. I have an ability to get people to feel at ease and open up in front of the camera. I believe this makes me one of the best wedding photographers in USA.

United States Wedding Photography | Style of Wedding Photography

My style of wedding photography includes photojournalism, creative portraiture, and true to life colors. Throughout the wedding day, I will be present and taking photos, capturing natural, sweet moments. I look for creative angles, compositions and human expression. As a United States photojournalist, I often wait for the decisive moment. What this means is that I will look through the camera’s view finder and wait for just the right moment to press the shutter button. I also continuously shoot so there are times where I will take so many photos at a given time to ensure that I get the shot.

United States Wedding Photographer | Creative Portraiture

My approach to creative portraiture involves some directing. So, it’s not quite photojournalism. I lightly direct in a way that the photos appear to be natural. During this time, I pay close attention to the setting and light. A photographer is trained to observe the light and knowing where to place one’s subject is key to great portraiture.

Wedding Photography USA | Editing and Color

As far as editing and color in photos, I prefer colors to look as they do in real life. I want my photography to be natural, vibrant, colorful and accurate. This is a personal preference. Other editing styles include moody and light and airy. Moody tends to be on the warmer and darker side and light and airy tends to be over exposed and ethereal. My opinion is that life is beautiful the way it is and there’s no need to change or alter it. The United States of America has so many beautiful places, and I embrace the colors that come with each state.

Wedding Photographer USA | Heidi Garcia Photography

Getting in contact is easy. You can simply call, email or text. Feel free to get in contact here. I’d love to discuss your special day and get to know how I can help create works of art for you and your sweetheart. Want to learn more about Heidi Garcia Photography, visit here.

Heidi Garcia Photography is a wedding photographer based in the United States of America. All specialties include wedding, branding, family and event photography.

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