It turns out not everyone prefers lingerie. Some women appreciate simplicity and want natural, artistic boudoir photos. Prior to her underwear photoshoot, Ms. D mentioned that she was not into lingerie and wanted to keep her outfits simple. There’s something very beautiful about keeping things as natural as possible. As a boudoir nude photographer, I also want to capture the natural essence of people, so I love it when clients want to document their natural beauty through fine art nude boudoir. Most boudoir photography sessions include hair and make-up and lingerie, but on occasion, I photograph clients with no make-up and simple underwear. I love variety and I enjoy fulfilling client’s request. Shoots are adjusted to my clients liking. Below you can see Ms. D natural boudoir session. You don’t need super fancy lingerie to have an artistic boudoir session. Below are examples of natural boudoir photography.

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