Different Kinds of Family Photography

My name is Heidi Garcia and I offer family photography in Los Angeles. I narrowed down three different examples of family photography. Please note that each category is beautiful in its own way. As a Los Angeles family photographer, I hope you find this helpful and that now you can better plan your Los Angeles family photography.

Traditional Family Photography

This form of photography includes a lot of camera aware photos. This option is perfect if you want sweet photos of everyone looking at the camera and smiling, photos that you can give to family and friends and if you want to remember the perfect version of you and your family. Also, traditional photos include Fine Art Photography and standard portraits.

Lifestyle Family Photography

Lifestyle is a hybrid of traditional and documentary photography. It includes camera aware photos and candid moments. Lifestyle Photography is more personal in that it does tell your family story but in a more stylized way.

Documentary/Family Photojournalism

This kind of photography is un-staged and captures a day in the life of one’s family. The goal is to document your family story in a natural and artistic way.

Now with these categories there are some overlap or gray areas and it is going to vary from photographer to photographer. This is also subjective, so the way it is defined will vary.

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My Family Photography Style

Capturing real authentic moments in a creative way in one of my goals as a Los Angeles Family Photographer. So documentary and photojournalism is a common theme in my photography.

How I approach Family Lifestyle Photography

I lightly direct throughout the session, while paying attention to the environment, lighting and selecting where to take photos based on the ideal setting. I may tell you what to do and also let moments unfold on their own. Traditional photos are included as a general rule. I know how important these camera aware photos are for everyone. Ultimately, my goal is to create works for art for families.

How I approach Family Photojournalism

Family photojournalism is approached in a completely different way. I do not pose, direct or alter the setting. I document moments that occur. The reason why I do this because I want to follow the code of ethics in photography and I’m an artist. Ultimately, my goal as a Los Angeles family photographer is to create works of art while telling your story.

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