Now that you’re in love and ready to propose, you may be asking, where can I find a marriage proposal photographer? Luckily a lot of wedding and engagement photographers also offer marriage proposal photography. In google, you can look for “engagement photographers near me” and find some amazing photographers. Engagement proposal photos are a fun session and a skilled photographer will help you set up the time and place. I personally love the butterflies associated with engagement proposal photos!  

The way it works is actually quite simple. After booking your session, we’d begin the communication. We will set up a time to discuss the plans. We will arrange the place and schedule. On the day of the proposal, I will be ready with my camera and long lens. The long lens allows me to shoot from a distance. As you propose, I’ll be ready to capture the moment. And after, we’d continue with a sweet couple’s photoshoot.

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Below are some fun examples of a marriage proposal: