Hi, I’m a bicoastal boudoir photographer, specializing in empowering women through intimate and sensual portraits. I work out of both New York City and Los Angeles, capturing my clients in the best light possible, with a luxurious and comfortable atmosphere. If you’re looking for NYC Boudoir Photography or Los Angeles Boudoir Photography, you’ve come to the right place.

As a woman, I understand the significance of self-love and self-confidence, which has been my motivation as I support women to rediscover themselves through my camera lens. I believe that a New York Boudoir Photography session is an empowering and liberating experience that every woman should indulge in.

I work in midtown Manhattan and Long Island City in New York City. Most of my clients are working women looking to reclaim their femininity and beautiful essence. The city can be overwhelming, but my clients always leave rejuvenated, confident, and proud of their sexuality. I have created an experience that’s comfortable to relax and be free, so my clients can express themselves in their way thoroughly.

On the other hand, I work in downtown Los Angeles, bringing a bit of New York City’s charm to the city of angels. Los Angeles is a melting pot of cultures and backgrounds, which reflects in my clients, who come to my studio for a variety of reasons. Some seek to commemorate a milestone in their journey, while others need a confidence boost after a breakup. I capture women in their most vulnerable states, enhancing their unique beauty and empowerment in every photo.

My approach to boudoir photography is centered on positivity, confidence, and celebrating the uniqueness of each woman. During a shoot, I spend time getting to know my clients and creating a relaxed atmosphere. I give direction, pose my clients, and coach through each shot, ensuring the final product is the best reflection of my client.

As an intimate portrait photographer, my clients’ privacy and safety are paramount, which is why I work with an all-female team. My team and I prioritize our clients’ comfort, and we work diligently to deliver the highest quality product, including digital and physical images for them to cherish forever.

Becoming a bicoastal boudoir photographer was the best decision I have ever made in my life. Watching women blossom and become more confident in their skin is exhilarating. I love seeing my clients walk out of the studio with a spring in their step, feeling empowered and beautiful. If you are considering a boudoir photoshoot, don’t hesitate. Empower yourself with a boudoir session – and let me capture the most beautiful photographs of yourself that will remind you of that incredible day. I can’t wait to meet and photograph you! Book Your Session Here: Boudoir Photography