Los Angeles Photography

Los Angeles Photographer

As a Los Angeles photographer, I’ve had the honor of photographing all kinds of photo sessions. I specialize in photographing people and consider myself a full spectrum photographer in that I photograph multiple genres. As a LA photographer, I have a deep understanding of my camera and the light in any given situation. My goal is to not only deliver beautiful LA photos, but to make my clients feel empowered and fantastic. In the following paragraphs, you will see my Los Angeles photography and the different offerings available. Get in touch here if you’re looking for LA photography.

Los Angeles Photography | Weddings

My approach to Los Angeles wedding photography is to document the entire day in a natural and unobtrusive way. I lightly direct posing during the couple’s creative photography session. For the majority of the day, I’m documenting the moments as they occur naturally. Also, I prefer a photojournalistic style when it comes to photographing weddings. One of my goals is to tell the full wedding day story in an authentic way. Below are examples of Los Angeles photos from different weddings:

Los Angeles Photographer | Family Photography

My approach to Los Angeles family photography varies depending on the kind of photoshoot the clients chooses. I offer traditional, lifestyle and photojournalistic family photography. For some sessions, I will pose and get the camera-aware photos. In other sessions, I will photograph a lot of candid and natural moments. Sometimes there is an overlap where some sessions include traditional and candid pictures. Below are examples of LA photography from different family photo sessions:

LA Photography | Boudoir Photography

My approach to Los Angeles boudoir photography is to document a women’s sensuality in a tasteful and natural way. One of my goals is to empower women by embracing their natural beauty. I guide my clients from start to finish. I will pose my clients in a way that is flattering. Sometimes, I will literally show the clients what to do and then they will mirror my action. As an LA photographer that specializes in boudoir, I understand a women’s body and how to accentuate a women’s curves in photos. Boudoir photography is an intimate experience, so I also make sure that my clients feel comfortable the entire time. Below are LA photos from different boudoir photography sessions:

LA Photographer | Couples Photography

My approach to Los Angeles couples photography is to lightly guide couples throughout the session and to document some candid moments and posed moments. Couples hire me for proposal photography, engagement photography and anniversaries. Also, some people just want special photos so they can have a sweet memory of their love story. Below are examples of couples photography:

Los Angeles Photos | Headshot Photography

My approach to Los Angeles headshot photography is to create imagery that actors and other creatives can use for their marketing, acting card and brochures. I’ve worked with actors, entrepreneurs, small business owners and more. I like to make sure to provide high quality, clean headshots. As a Los Angeles photographer, I’m trained to look for the right light and to capture one’s personality during a photo session. Below are examples of headshot photography:

LA Photos | Event Photography

My approach to Los Angeles event photography is to remain unobtrusive for majority of the time. During group photos, I will gather and guide everyone for the photos. I edit true to color and I document all the important highlights. As a Los Angeles photographer, I’ve photographed all occasions, such as birthdays, corporate events, women’s gathering, weddings and more. Below are examples of LA event photography:

Los Angeles Photography | Lifestyle Photography

My approach to Los Angeles lifestyle photography is to capture creative and fun photography for all my clients. Lifestyle is a combination of posed and natural moments. Lifestyle photography is a bit like photojournalism but in a more stylized way. So, photos may look naturally composed but there may have been some direction to get that shot. Below are examples of lifestyle photography:

Los Angeles Photography | Branding Photography

My approach to Los Angeles branding photography is to create imagery that clients can use for all of their marketing (website, Instagram, LinkedIn, etc.). I include headshots, environmental portraits and lifestyle photography for most branding photo sessions. I’ve worked with Los Angeles entrepreneurs, creatives, business owners and influencers. Below are examples of branding photography:

Los Angeles Photographer | Pet Photography

My approach to pet photography is to follow the dog’s lead and to lightly direct when possible. So, I will get adorable photos of your fur friends sitting, laying, playing, etc. I will include photos of your pets looking at the camera. Also, I try to include fun photos and action shots. Clients are more than welcome to join in the fun during the photoshoot! Below are examples of pet photography:

Los Angeles Photographer | Get in touch

If you’re looking for a creative Los Angeles photographer, you’re in the right place. Feel to get in touch by calling, sending over an email or filling out the inquire form on the website. I’m available to document all special occasions and can provide beautiful Los Angeles photos. Thank you for taking the time to read this article. I look forward to creating beautiful imagery for you.